Geelong Community Survey

Let’s make sure that our new Councillors know what issues matter most to their community – and that it will be the focus of the next Council.  


We want to make sure that our Councillors know what issues matter most to their community and make sure it’s the focus of the next Council.   

We need your views.  By answering a few questions you can help guide the next Council’s plans and actions.

Why we are doing this?

In 2016-2017, Greater Geelong undertook a significant project to create the Clever and Creative community led vision for the future of Geelong. Over 16,000 community members had their say about their aspirations for the region and how it should evolve during the next 30 years.

This involved 162 workshops, event appearances, community meetings and school visits. At the Our Future Assembly on Saturday 6 May 2017, 350 people discussed, debated, deliberated and decided on a community-led vision for Greater Geelong’s future. 

We want to know if the community feels that the vision for our region to be its best is actually being delivered on by Council. We want to identify what are the gaps and issues and how Council could better meet the community’s needs. If you care deeply about Geelong region, then we call on you to raise your voice so that your voice is heard and acted upon by the next Council. 

Together we will:  

Survey the community to understand what issues matter most to them and what actions they would like council to take. By answering a few questions you will be helping to guide the next Council. 

Publish the survey in August with our findings on what matters most to the Geelong Community and promote this widely. 

Ask the candidates who are running for Council in the October Council elections and ask them if they will run on this platform and focus on delivering this over their term. 

Publish on our website which candidates are endorsing this platform in the lead up to the election so you can make an informed vote. 

How you can help

1. Complete our brief survey

2. Add your name to the list of residents, businesses and organisations who endorse our survey. This will be published here on this website.

3. Share the survey with your friends and on social media.


You can contact us on email or fill this form


Who is behind this?

We are a group of locals who love the Geelong region and are passsionate about nurturing our local democracy.

We are not a political party or affiliated with any candidate or Geelong Council.

Our goal is to capture a geniuine snapshot of the community’s priorities. 

So: This is why we’d love to hear what is important to you! You can tell us in this short survey

→ See the organisations that have endorsed this survey

Caroline Danaher, Ocean Grove
Mik Aidt, Norlane
Sally Fisher, Hamlyn Heights
Sanja van Huet, Leopold
Suzie Brown, Ocean Grove

Add your name and your organisation’s name


Questionnaire sent to election candidates

Today we sent an email to the 37 registered candidates in the Geelong wards with the following request: CoGG Council Elections 2020 – Candidate Survey – Invitation Dear Geelong Council Candidate,On behalf of the community, we wish to thank you for nominating as a candidate in the upcoming City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) 2020 council elections. …

Report: Geelong Community Survey 2020

Download the report – 33 pages, PDF Results from the Geelong Community Survey show that most responders don’t consider the municipality’s Clever and Creative Vision effectively addressed since it was produced in 2016-2017. The results show general dissatisfaction in the progress of many aspects of the Vision. In the areas of environment, transport and infrastructure …


This survey project is now closed.