Geelong council candidates respond to community questions

The Candidate Survey results are in!

After many hours of work by our team of volunteers we have synthesized the results from the Council election candidates who kindly responded to our survey.

We’ve done our best to make this informative yet not too long so that you can make an informed decision about who to vote for.

See how the candidates reponded in your ward:

At election time, there are so many scorecards and interest groups coming out to spoon feed you and tell you who to vote for. We hope our survey will empower you to make up your own mind.

Do the candidates share our community’s concerns?
We have asked the candidates key questions based on the priorities from the Geelong Community Survey to show whether they share our concerns and will take meaningful action to address them.

It’s encouraging that a vast majority of candidates are indicating they will act on these key issues.

We recommend reading the full responses
Please take 10 minutes and honour the effort that has gone into this work and the candidates who have decided to step up and participate in the democratic process by taking the time to read the full candidates’ responses. You will get a much better picture of candidates by reading the full report than an abbreviated summary, (which we aim to release later this week.)

Make sure you enlarge the documents if you find the type too small to read, use the slide bar on the bottom right of your screen to do this.

Ask yourself
Some things you may like to ask yourself as you read these responses :

Are they capable of making strategic decisions?
Are their concerns and values aligned with mine?
Are their priorities consistent across responses to show they truly understand an issue? Are they interested in improving communication with residents so that we understand better what Geelong Council is doing? 
For those who have been Councillors before, were their actions when they were in office in line with their responses now?

Only you can answer that by researching the candidates properly before you vote. 

Over to us
It’s over to us now in our role as citizens. Our job does not stop once we have voted. We have many examples of what happens to democracies when their citizens are not engaged.

Let’s play our part by participating and then holding them to these positions if they are elected.