Here is our plan

A group of locals have got together to help people in the Geelong and Bellarine to actively engage with their Councillors and have their voices heard.

As there is a Council election coming up in October we work to:

  • support people who would like to get engaged in the election process, our local democratic processes, and Council’s decision making in general 
  • communicate the views of the community to election candidates 
  • have the views of the community inform the decision making of the new elected Council

What we are planning to do over the next few months is a process of surveying the community about their views and then communicating the results to candidates and to elected Councillors during September 2020.

The plan is as follows:

1. Survey: As many people as we can about their views of Council’s activities – we have based the survey on the CoGG’s “Clever and Creative vision” which was developed by surveying 16,000 people and created an aspiration. 

We’re keen to support you to have your say, to bring together your views  about Geelong’s Clever and Creative vision, and to take them to our new council.

Here is the online survey so you can see the questions:

2. Collate the results of the survey and communicate these community views to respondents, to the media and, of course, to the candidates in the upcoming Council elections.

3. Interview the candidates for the Council election in August-September 2020 about their views and promises in relation to what the community want and create a scorecard profile of the candidates, which we will send to all respondents to the online survey. 

To truly express the community’s voice about our progress on a Clever and Creative vision we need a large and community wide spread of responses to the survey across all postcodes, ages and diversity of our region. So we are asking all the community associations to endorse and help get the survey our far and wide.

Do you know a community group which would be happy to endorse the survey process as follows? You can:

  1. Provide the name and logo to put on this web page – and
  2. Share the survey to its membership database and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.