Questionnaire sent to election candidates

Today we sent an email to the 37 registered candidates in the Geelong wards with the following request:

CoGG Council Elections 2020 – Candidate Survey – Invitation

Dear Geelong Council Candidate,
On behalf of the community, we wish to thank you for nominating as a candidate in the upcoming City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) 2020 council elections. We appreciate your considerable personal contribution to our democracy.  

As a nominated candidate we invite you to take the Candidate Survey, which has been organised by the group who led the Geelong Community Survey in collaboration with Geelong Sustainability. Both groups are non political and fully committed to the Geelong region, good governance and active citizenship. We have initiated this survey to assist voters to make an informed choice. 

  • This Candidate Survey seeks to ascertain the views, aspirations and priorities of candidates standing in the upcoming local government election. 
  • All candidates nominating to become a councillor of the City of Greater Geelong will be invited to complete this survey by 5pm on 29nd September. 
  • The online survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. 
  • The themes for the questions are derived from the 559 responses to the Geelong Community Survey where key community concerns were identified as climate change, the environment, transport, infrastructure and waste.
  • To enable objective comparative analysis, most questions are multiple choice or ranking questions with a few open questions so candidates can outline their key ideas.
  • Survey responses received by the closing date will be collated into an objective independent scorecard for each Council Ward: Bellarine, Brownbill, Kardinia and Windermere.
  • The 4 Candidate Scorecards will be published and circulated widely via numerous websites, mailing lists and social media.
  • We recommend candidates read the Geelong Community Survey report before completing this survey.    

We encourage you to complete the survey so we can share your views and aspirations with the community. 

Best wishes for your campaign! 


Vicki & Sanja

Sanja Van Huet, Co-convenor

Geelong Community Survey